Donvale Antique Clocks has just updated our website. It is intended to provide people interested in Horology a vehicle to interesting articles, clocks and barometers for sale and tips on antique clocks and their restoration.

As time permits articles will be added and the site updated with products, innovations and good quality clocks and barometers for sale. Please bear with me and visit the site on a regular basis because the intention is to provide an interesting and educational site and to assist clock lovers with information allowing them to progress their interest in the field of Horology.

Donvale Antique Clocks has been in business since 2002; it was a hobby that has grown steadily into a passion over the last 40 odd years. Buying and selling antique clocks and barometers along with repairs and restoration work has become a full time occupation.

You will see examples of my work elsewhere on the site. Your requirements need to be discussed on an individual basis, for example, do you want a complete restoration, should it look like new, what components require work and/or replacement, does it fit your budget, does it have sentimental value. You may like a sympathetic restoration just as you remember it or just brought back a little and kept going. It's all up to you. 




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